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UT/NASA Space Grant Consortium

The TSGC (Tennessee Space Grant Consortium) is a part of the NASA Space Education Program and was established in 1988 to foster Space Grant University educational and research activities. The TSGC is administered by Vanderbilt University in Nashville. Devon Burr, Director of the PGI, is the representative to the TSGC here at the University of Tennessee at Knoxville and is assisted by Robert Jacobsen. The funds received as a participant in the TSGC are used for several scholarships and fellowships to undergraduate and graduate science and engineering students pursuing space-related education and research at UTK, as well as for numerous Space Outreach endeavors.

Space Outreach Programs

The Planetary Geosciences Institute at the University of Tennessee was established to enhance planetary science and engineering education and research.  With these major tasks, considerable efforts by PGI members have gone into the education of the public, mostly the children in K-12 and their teachers, but also persons in numerous social groups, as well as students in our University.  Indeed, the administration has funded an educational program of space outreach for planetary science and engineering, based largely in the Department of Physics and Astronomy.  Paul Lewis is the director in charge of these endeavors.  He personally travels to public and private schools, churches, city/state/national parks, museums, and various special interest groups to bring the message of space across to the public.  He has expanded his activities significantly during the last several years to where he now services an estimated 12,000 persons per year, mainly K-12 students and teachers, aided considerably by funds received from the Tennessee Space Grant Consortium.

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